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Our customers consider us to be their valued partner. And if you have not yet dealt with us so far – this is the service you can expect from us:


Expect much more than the usual regrinding and replacement service. We can look after your products and even after completion of the purchase, we continue to optimise the use of your tools, documented and improved on the basis of our ISO 9001 certification.

Resharpening service for rotary cutting tools

With our modern machinery, we can guarantee a constant quality even when sharpening the cutting cylinder and anvil cylinders.

Of course, we can offer you this service and quality for all third-party products as well.

Production techniques


  • Cylindrical surface grinding: roller, segments, rings etc., inside and outside diameter up to at max. ø 850 mm x 2000 mm length
  • Shape grinding: roller, segments
  • Flat grinding: sticks, discs, knives, etc.


All materials, max. diameter 660 mm x 2000 mm length


All materials, max. dimensions: length 1500 mm, width 700 mm, height 550 mm

High frequency soldering

Materials: steel, tungsten carbide, PKD and CBN

Metall spraying

Max. workpiece dimensions: diameter 500 x 1500 mm

Wire erosion

Wire erosion cutting and start hole boring in Aichele's wire erosion center using 4 and 5 NC axes for the fully automatic processing of tiles, moulds and electrodes.

The Result
  • Extraordinary wide fields of application and fulfillment of highest requirements
  • Coordinate ways: 350 x 500 mm, cutting height: up to 300 mm
  • Additional start hole borings can be placed using a spark erosion drill press
  • Drillholes in nearly all electrically conductive materials (hardness not relevant)
  • Diameter: 0.4 - 2.2 mm; drilling depth proportion: diameter / depth = 1 / 100

Non-stick coatings

The non-stick coating can be used wherever adhesive materials (e.g. hot-setting glue, gum etc.) are processed and could result in machine components getting stuck to each other.

The coatings are differentiated by their thermal resistance (180 °C or 260 °C) as well as the surface roughness and resistance to wear.

Teflon coating

  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 260 °C
  • Novel kind of fluoro-plastic coating made of a mixture of various fluoropolymers with metal inclusions
  • As compared to the traditional PTFE coatings, improved anti-adhesion properties at the same temperature deployment range (max.=260 °C continuous, max. = 290 °C intermittent
  • A very high surface tension results in the marked non-stick character of the coating
  • Only a few substances adhere to Plasmacoat 4050; adhered materials can be easily removed
  • Physiologically harmless, fulfils the common specifications of the Federal Health Agency
  • Gives the best values at a total film thickness of 20-25 μm
  • Low friction coefficient (Ra approx. 1-3)
  • Optionally with additional wear protection for a longer life

Silicon coating

  • Wear-resistant non-stick coating
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 180 °C
  • Physiologically harmless, meets all the common specifications of the Federal Health Agency
  • Uniform surface roughness Ra 10-14 μm
  • Very good catching properties
  • Gives the best values at a total film thickness of 100-150 μm


We prize the direct and co-operative collaboration with our customers. We thus know exactly what you need and where we can grow further. We are committed to this philosophy. For you, this means: market- driven products for stringent demands, in time – at constant quality.

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